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ATTENTION! A potential customer needs to see your ad on average 7-12 times before they are confident enough to make a purchase. Discover how this important information can boost your own business...


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From: Rob Holmes
Wednesday 8.30 a.m.

How the internet will make you $$$'s

Dear Friend,


Did you know that email is the most effective form of advertising on the internet?

However statistics have proven that it will take at least seven follow ups just to close a sale. So wouldn't it be great to be able to email your customers, with pre-set personalized messages, efficiently and automatically? Well now you can...


The eCust Marketing Autoresponder System will followup for you, every time, all the time. It's almost like...

Having your very own sales team working day and night - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year! An automated sales force to follow-up on prospects, customers, subscribers - promoting your products, your services and most of all raising your credibility.

Just Imagine...

Raking in tonnes of cash, from the comfort of your home -- with practically no work -- and having loads of free time to spend the truckloads of money you are making...


Imagine launching your ezine or latest offer to all your customers in seconds, not days. Reducing your postal costs to virtually zero. Driving people back to your website, time and time again. Turning strangers into prospects - prospects into paying customers!

The eCust Marketing Autoresponders System will do this for you, every time, all the time.

Make Your Life Easier And Increase Sales...

Here are just some of the benefits of using the eCust Marketing Autoresponder System:


Multiple Autoresponders In One Account - Create an unlimited number of autoresponder accounts: one for each product, newsletter... At eCust we won't charge you any more money when you add more accounts!

Unlimited Personalized Programmable Messages - Do you want 5, 10 or 50 sequential messages to mail out to your customers? With eCust you can have hundreds

Broadcast Mailing Feature - Imagine being able to type one email, then hitting one button and instantly mailing your entire list? You can with eCust!


Personalize All Your Messages - No more 'Dear Sir/Madam or Dear Friend' mailings... With over 100 categories, eCust makes every letter look it was written just for your customer.


Automatic Subscribe And Unsubscribe Requests - We know your time is valuable, so we've completely automated the subscription and unsubscribe side of the system allowing you to focus on other things.


Bounce Back Blitzer - So many of the free autoresponders around just let your auto responder bounce-backs sit on your account. With eCust any bounce backs are removed from your list keeping it clean and clutter-free.


Send HTML or Plain Text Emails - Do you want to include logos and pictures in your messages? You can with eCust – our INTELLIGENT EMAILS detect whether your customer has enabled HTML in their email software and then displays the best format.


Import Existing Email Lists - You'll be able to import existing customers into your autoresponders from an existing account, or from another service using eCust's simple 'cut and paste' system.


Set Up Your Own Email Footer – Imagine your customers’ receiving a personal P.S. in every email that gets sent out from your account. Write it once and it'll be included in every follow-up and bulk mailing you do.


Manual Add And Remove Recipient - If you have a specific person you wish to add or remove from your list, then eCust has a simple add/remove recipient facility.


Split Mailing Facility - Imagine being able to test your marketing message before mailing it to your entire list? You can with eCust’s Split Mailing Facility.


Tutorial Videos - If you get stuck we’ve covered that also, with crystal clear tutorial videos in your login screen.


Custom URL and Tag Manager - Do you want to add your own custom and personalised tags to the emails? You can with eCust.


24 Hour Database Access - Access and manage your database of prospects' email addresses, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!


And much, much more!

It's So Easy...

You can download, install, and start using the software in less than 5 minutes! You don't just get the easy to use interface and great features, you'll also get unlimited FREE autoresponder technical support.

Using the eCust system will blow away your competitors! Whilst your customers will be amazed at the level of attention they receive, and yet all you will have done is spent a few minutes putting in place your follow-up system.





"I would RECOMMEND the eCust Autoresponder to any business owner who is serious about marketing their internet business. Within minutes after installing the eCust Marketing Autoresponder System, I was up and running. And after only three weeks I had increased subscribers to my newsletter by over 100%!"

Andrew Ludlam  
Managing Director, Maverick Marketing Solutions  


In fact, order the eCust Marketing Autoresponder System today and you'll receive...

Over $350 In BONUSES!!


(Value $95)

A massive collection of winning autoresponder messages to model,  copy and swipe!


All of the messages in this e-book are proven winners on the internet. Use them to help you brainstorm your own ideas, or use them as models for your own messages...



(Value $95)

All of the emails included in this e-book are proven winners in the marketplace.


Together these emails have produced much, much more than $1,000,000.00 in sales. This collection covers hundreds of examples, so that you’ll be sure to find plenty of ideas to use for your own business.



(Value $195)

The greatest ad men of the century share their most successful formulas of all time with you in this ebook. Including...


The one single human characteristic you can count on to get people to do WHAT you want them to, WHEN you want them to do it... And, one of the greatest secrets for attracting more business... And how your competitors could do exactly the same thing - if they only knew!

Plus as you'll own the reprint and redistribution rights to all three e-books (yes, that's correct!)... You can resell and redistribute them for any price you like and get to keep 100% of the profits!


Your success in using the eCust Marketing Autoresponders System is completely guaranteed. In fact, I'm so confident that you'll benefit from this software that here's my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee:

"If within 90 days, you honestly believe the eCust Autoresponder System hasn't delivered, then let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. And, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep forever."


Why Not Make Your Life Easier?

I'm sure you'll agree that the eCust Marketing Autoresponder System will not only help you generate more traffic, more leads and more sales, but also make you a lot of money.

So how much is your investment in this system? To be honest we could charge you upwards of $20.00 per month, like many other autoresponder service providers out there. However, you can have the Pro-Version (plus over $350 of bonuses) for a special introductory price of ONLY $12.95 per month.

Yes, just $12.95 per month to automate your follow-up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

Important Notice ...

This Special Introductory Price Will Go Up To $19.95 On

Remember - all the risk is on me! If you feel after 90 days that the eCust Marketing Autoresponder System just didn't deliver, contact me and I'll give you a full and courteous refund.

Just $12.95 a month is a painless drop in the ocean,
to have an automated sales force following up on prospects, customers, subscribers - promoting your products, your services and most important of all, you...

Start Generating More Sales Today...

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Remember, here's just some of what you'll get with our Pro Version:


UNLIMITED Autoresponders


UNLIMITED follow up messages


UNLIMITED FREE technical support!


Automatic Subscribe And Unsubscribe Requests


Simple “copy and paste” import and export features


Import Existing Email Lists


HTML and Plain Text messages


Personalize All Your Messages


Tutorial Videos


Broadcast a message to your list at any time


24 Hour Database Access


Bounced email are removed from your list automatically


Split Mailing Facility


A 90 day money back guarantee.

And all for the special introductory price of $12.95 per month, until

How To Order

YES Rob!

I know this Is A Special Introductory Offer  With A 90 Day Guarantee...


I can't wait to fully automate my internet marketing business. 


I can't wait to get my hands on over $350

worth of bonuses.

I know I am only minutes away from having this special software!


I Pay Only $12.95 a month

P.S. You can un-subscribe at any time prior to your next monthly billing date. Although we can't think of any reason why you would!


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